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If you’ve been struggling with a substance abuse problem and have reached the point where you have made the choice to stop using, you must face the question: how do I quit? Of the many ways that addicts can succeed at this courageous goal, rehab is a time-tested and reliable method of stopping an addiction.

If people have a concept of drug rehab, they generally think of it as an inpatient program that lasts 28–90 days. But if the idea of living in feels too radical or too structured for you, you have the option of choosing Outpatient Addiction Treatment like the program offered at Crossroads.

This is an excellent choice for drug or alcohol addicts who cannot, for financial or emotional reasons, put their lives on hold while they go through recovery. And it can be the best choice for substance abusers who has strong family and community ties and who know they can depend on support from the people who are already involved in their life.

At Crossroads, our expert, caring staff can help you with the inpatient/outpatient decision, and, after you choose, they will design a program tailored to address your unique needs. If you decide that you want to take the outpatient path, you can be sure that you will get a plan that is formulated to take your lifestyle, your addiction and your sobriety goals in mind.

Outpatient rehab requires a degree of determination that is different than an inpatient program. Whereas people with a drug addiction will presumably have no access to those drugs in an inpatient facility, outpatients still live their normal lives, which means that they may very well face temptation by accidentally being exposed to the substance they abuse.


Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment Right For You?

The advantages of going through drug rehab as an outpatient are notable. Chief among these is the comfort that being in familiar surroundings brings. As an outpatient, you are expected to spend several nights each week at the rehab facility. But then you get to go home and sleep in your own bed, surrounded by familiar things and people who love you.

Your recovery process will involve the same pivotal elements as inpatient, since the goal is the same: to kick the addiction and learn the life skills that will help you remain substance-free once the program has ended. Outpatient rehab still concentrates on breaking old patterns, on correctly identifying any underlying mental health issues that may require medications and/or ongoing therapy, and on acquiring the kinds of positive attitudes and life skills needed to replace feelings of guilt and shame with feelings of confidence and empowerment.

General Outpatient (GOP) in New Jersey is offered at Crossroads Recovery as a general outpatient program for adults for 1 to 3 hours a week. So if you are ready to overcome your addiction but don’t want to disrupt your entire life by putting yourself in an inpatient alcohol or drug rehab program, the outpatient recovery services we offer at Crossroads in New Jersey are an excellent option.

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