Our mission is to assist individuals who have a severe and persistent mental illness and substance use disorders with developing the skills and supports necessary to live, learn, or work in the community of their choice with the least amount of intervention from the mental health system. Crossroads Recovery is one of the leading New Jersey mental health centers offering outpatient services for addiction for adults.

New Jersey mental health centersProgram Goals

  • Treat each consumer with respect and as an adult.
  • Assist each consumer in determining personal goals and actively participate in his or her recovery planning process at the program.
  • To prevent psychiatric and inpatient substance abuse hospitalization.
  • Help each consumer manage his or her illness(es) to prevent psychiatric hospitalization.
  • Help each consumer gain the skills necessary to live, learn and work in the community as independently as possible.
  • Provide emotional, educative and case management supports in a safe, clean, dignified and therapeutic treatment environment.
  • Affirm each consumer’s strengths and abilities and foster a sense of community and social support at the program.


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